Gauges and Meters for Resistance Welding

The Tuffaloy DLC Series is a fast and accurate force gauge to assure your systems meet specifications at the weld point. Simple math (cylinder area x PSI = pounds force) may lead to inaccurate cylinder force calculations due to the condition of the cylinder or the regulator, or other normal circumstances on the shop floor.

Cylinder force is a major component of weld quality and consistency, with too high force or too low force settings causing issues, downtime and lost confidence in your manufacturing process.

The DLC has an easy-to-read digital interface with pound, kilogram, newton and kilonewton unit readings available. The meter reads in 0.5 seconds, with 0.5% accuracy.

The two models, generally in stock for immediate shipment, are the 601-5000DLC (5,000 lbs. max) and 601-3000DLC (3,000 lbs. max).

The load cell landing pad is slightly raised for use with backup and swivel electrodes, yet requires just 9/16-inch clearance between the electrodes. The load cell can withstand 150% the rated load capacity. The Tuffaloy DLC also includes a traceable NIST certification, with recertification services also available.

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Tuffaloy DLC Digital Force Gauge