NP² (Nut Presence Probe)

NP2 Information

NP2 Product Data Sheet and Order FormNP2 CAD filesThe NP² (Nut Presence Probe) is an accurate, durable and economical post-weld quality check sensor that detects the presence of a welded nut. A built-in Banner optical sensor measures the displacement of a stainless steel pin to assess bolt or fastener presence.

(See our CAD resources for various NP² models.)

The versatile Banner sensor, operating on 10–30V DC, can also be used to monitor material thickness, as well as part presence and orientation in multi-component assemblies. The NP² sensor is available with complementary NPN and PNP solid-state outputs. The probe body is threaded (M18x1.0) for easy placement and adjustments within check or weld fixture tooling.

np2_compare.jpg (208x139)The NP² is fully serviceable, allowing access to the stainless steel pin and spring. Service kits are available with pins, springs, seals, hardware and pin insertion tool.

Pictured left: The NP² is available in two standard configurations. The M6-threaded shaft accepts user-designed attachments for maximum versatility (to the left). The NP² is also available with a stainless steel pin (to the right).

The NP² can be used to check for part presence and material thickness with an accuracy of 0.25 mm (.0098 in.).


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