Projection and Spot Pedestal Welders

Using the latest quality control and safety technology, G.E. Schmidt provides the best-value pedestal welder in the market for both projection welding and spot welding applications. We offer standalone welders, or we can integrate them with nut feeders, quality sensing systems, custom tooling and safety devices for delivery as plug-and-play devices with the best lead times in the industry.

Information SheetProduct ManualThe 80kVA ProLine is a versatile machine that can spot weld up to 10-gauge material or projection weld M4-M10 nuts or studs. 

ProLine Pedestal Welders are available in multiple sizes and in single-head and dual-head configurations, as well as the new flexible ProLine Adaptive Series welder. G.E. Schmidt can also source welders for larger and special applications.

G.E. Schmidt's pedestal welders come with 50 to 120 KVA RoMan transformers for nearly every application, with AC or MFDC (mid-frequency DC) transformers and weld controls. Weld initiation options include single-stage or two-stage foot switches, opto-touch palm buttons, or other switches by customer request.

Contact G.E. Schmidt today to talk about your project specifications with our experienced staff.

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