Pinch Defense™ Pinch Point Safety System

Pinch Defense logoThe Pinch Defense is a simple safety system that brings the welding head down under a controlled speed and safe force, verifying that there are no obstructions before signaling the cylinder to go to a high weld force.

Pinch Defense's Safe Force Approach™ manages the airflow to the weld cylinder so that weight of the head is minimal — While it might "pinch," with a force of 50 pounds or less, it will not cause a severe injury.

Information SheetThe Pinch Defense uses the element of time, travel distance and a series of electrical characteristics to approve and initiate a high-force air flow, and if not achieved, the controller instructs the head to return up.

The Pinch Defense is a neatly compact system that contains it own complete air management system of valves, regulators and fittings, making it very easy to install during an OEM build, or as a retrofit in the field. The system replaces the existing air sytem, and connects directly to the pneumatic weld cylinder. The Pinch Defense controller does a series of self-directed calibration steps takes during the initial set up, which can be repeated easily during normal production conditions when tooling or electrode changes take place. 


Advantages of the Pinch Defense vs. other safety systems:


Universal Compatibility

The Pinch Defense works with most dual-stage initiation weld controls, such as those made by Entron, BF Entron, Bosch and WTC. The 24VDC safety system is enclosed in its own cabinet, reducing the risk of electric shock versus systems integrated into high-voltage (440VDC) weld control cabinets. 

Control Reliability

Unlike competing systems, the Pinch Defense and Pinch Defense Plus feature dual redundant microprocessors that must "agree" before the high-force signal is sent. When the Pinch Defense times out — for instance, if the operator's finger is in the way — the head returns to a safe position.

Tamper Resistant

The integrated control board and air system cannot be bypassed like ring-drop probe systems, simply by bending the malleable probe out of the way. The critical components are locked inside a cabinet or by key switch on the Pinch Defense, while the Pinch Defense Plus incorporates password protection on the touchscreen user interface.

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