SEKI Air Rod Feeder for Weld Nuts

SEKI Overview

For Reliable and Repeatable Weld Nut Feeding

With the SEKI Air Rod Feeder, standard nut feeding has been rethought and refined. It uses a patented piston to feed projections to the lower locating pin, and places — doesn’t throw — the nut onto the pin using SEKI’s patented Jet Pin technology. The Jet Pin secures the nut during the piston stroke, replacing the inconsistent electromagnets of competitors. SEKI’s nut feeder has fewer components than competitive products, increasing its reliability.

(Dropbox video links available upon request.)

The SEKI Air Rod Feeder uses the patented Selector Unit technology, which doesn’t require operators to adjust the vibration or hopper controls. Since the Selector Unit doesn’t use vibration, it will continue feeding to the feeder tube regardless of how many nuts are in the hopper without tuning. SEKI’s Selector Unit has a smaller footprint than vibratory bowls, giving integrators more flexibility on the production floor.

  • Available with 200, 300, 400 or 600 mm shoot unit (lizard tongue) stroke lengths
  • Lower SEKI holder can be replaced with the ProLine Nut Verification System nut weld detection unit (an approximate 40% saving on the NVS) to increase control over the quality and consistency of throughput
  • The standard, unaltered feeder can approach the locating pin from nearly horizontal angles and nearly vertical angles, thanks to Jet Pin technology. The Air Rod Feeder’s setup flexibility gives it an advantage over competitors, which have a smaller window of operation
  • Commonly-used spare and replacement parts are stocked in the U.S. and are shipped via air for low lead times and minimal production interruption
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