Spot Welding Tips, Shanks and Adapters

spot-welding-copper.jpg (289x193)Information SheetWe stock thousands of common spot welding tips, electrodes, shanks and holders, including metric measurements, to meet our customers' immediate needs. We also specialize in custom-made tips and electrodes. 

We have spot welding electrodes for every application. We have spot welding tips, bent electrodes, double-bend electrodes and other irregular shapes, including dome, pointed, flat and offset cap noses. 

Shanks and adapters add flexibility to your spot welding system. They allow changes in diameter, threaded to tapered, male to female, or changes in electrode length. Tip & shank systems, used together, can reduce costs considerably. Our shanks and adapters are made of Class 2 copper, but can be made from any other requested material for maximal utility and durability.

For more information and recommendations on spot welding materials and tips, see our Resource & Learning Center.

We pride ourselves in our quick responsiveness to your electrode needs. We work especially well with long-term purchase agreements that include stocking your specific electrodes to provide same-day shipping when necessary.

We offer:

  • To stock your electrodes with blanket orders
  • The best prices in the industry for custom electrodes
  • Fast service, usually same-day, for urgent requests

Cushway-Schmidt is the major distributor of quality consumables from Lebronze Industriel throughout the U.K. and Europe. 

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