Tecna TE-90 Mark II

Tecna Weld Controls

Tecna weld controls, such as the TE-90 Mark II or the TE-101, are powerful and fully functional tools for the resistance welding industry, with a complete line of controls for both pedestal welders and weld guns. Tecna weld controls feature an easy-to-read user interface with the functionality to support most spot welding applications. 

NOTE: G.E. Schmidt has the Tecna TE-101 IN STOCK for immediate shipment.

Tecna Weld GunTecna Hanging Weld Guns & Transguns

G.E. Schmidt can supply weld guns and components for Tecna's lines of portable spot welders and hanging weld guns, from the simple hand-operated Model 7900 to the 75 KVA MFDC transgun, Model 3168. Tecna's suspended weld guns include gyro mounts for easy and accurate placement and integrated weld controls. 

NOTE: Need it quickly? G.E. Schmidt has the Tecna 3322 and Tecna 3323 production weld guns with built in weld control IN STOCK.

Tecna Balancer Cutaway DiagramTecna Welding Accessories

  • Balancers: Inox Rope; Nylon Rope; ATEX; Hose; No Gravity
  • Portable Spotters
  • Car Body Repair Spot Welders
  • DC Current Welding Stations
  • Tensile Spot Weld Testing Units
  • Weld Setup Equipment (Current Meters, Force Gauges, Multifunction Measurement Instruments)

Contact G.E. Schmidt today for Tecna hanging spot weld guns, weld controls and other components and accessories. 

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