Automatic Tip Changers

KIKK InformationThe Kyokutoh Automatic KIKK Tip Changer is the safer and more efficient alternative to manual spot welding cap changes. Instead of an estimated 5–10 minute manual tip change, the cap changer cycles in 35–40 seconds, including automated removal and placement verification.

Each electrode magazine holds 13 pieces of 16 mm or 13 mm tips (19 mm changers also available), with an easy no-tool locking system. Spare magazine cartridges are also available to minimize change cycle time.

Advantages of the KIKK:

  • Maximize cap life — Caps are not being switched out at a certain time of day simply because it's "scheduled"
  • More parts made — Time savings of the KIKK vs. shutting down the weld cell and manually removing caps
  • Increased life of weld gun arms — Operators are no longer using sharp tools and wrenching on the gun arm to remove caps
  • Labor costs and safety hazard decreases — Operators fill magazines, but are no longer needed for each tip change, lowering safety concerns with operators reaching in and around sharp and heavy objects
  • Service multiple guns — The KIKK can be easily mounted to an end effector for use with multiple weld guns

Kyokutoh's DH-SV (below) is a dual-head servo-driven tip changer and dresser in a single unit. The DH-SV maintains Kyokutoh's no-tool locking system for fast magazine changes.

Dual-Head Servo Tip Dresser and Changer

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