weldcontrol_general.jpg (162x243)Welding Controls

G.E. Schmidt offers weld controls for new or existing machines, as well as economical retrofit kits to modernize machines. We represent all major welding control manufacturers, including Entron, BF Entron, WTC, Unitrol, Weld Computer, Sunke, Janda and Intertron. Our quality control (such as the ProLine Nut Verification system) and safety systems readily interface with the weld controls listed above.

  • Single-Phase AC — Great for a variety of uses, from small welding shops to large automotive manufacturers
  • Mid-Frequency DC (MFDC) — More energy and compact than AC, or making critical welds
  • Three-Phase AC — Aluminum welding
  • Capacitative Discharge — High-energy weld applications






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