Doceram Ceramic MIG and TIG welding nozzles

Ceramic MIG and TIG Welding Nozzles


    Doceram’s full-ceramic weld nozzles provide a spatter-proof solution to reduce downtime and consumables costs in MIG and TIG welding cells.

    • No Reamers Required

      Weld spatter wipes off the pure industrial ceramic nozzles with a rag or an automated soft-brush station. Spatter does not stick to the ceramic as readily as it does to metal nozzles, giving ceramic-nozzle welding setups more consistent gas shielding between cleanings. See the picture at the bottom of the page for a comparison. 

    • Lower Consumables Costs

      Instead of stocking special nozzles for high heat, heavy spatter, and high current situations, stock backups of one ceramic configuration that serves all three. Forget scheduled nozzle changes where some metal nozzles were beyond reaming and others were still good to go. And throw out those reamers.

    • Thermal Shock Resistant

      This isn’t your grandma’s ceramic. With operating temperatures up to 1000°C and a thermal shock resistance of 550 ∆T°C, Volcera can take the heat of a MIG welding production line.