Ceramics in Electronics Manufacturing


    Test Plugs

    Doceram’s ceramics are high-precision and extremely resistant to abrasive wear, leading to accurate, precise and repeatable component placement. Cerazur©, seen above, is flex resistant, ensuring your components are precisely where you expect them to be.

    Grippers and Dowels

    Doceram’s full ceramic components for electronics manufacturing are non-conductive throughout — It’s not simply a coating that might scratch or wear. And their abrasion resistance means the 10,000th part is in the exact same place as the first.


      Soldering Fixtures

      Ceramics, especially Volcera© seen above, make for excellent soldering fixtures, as they are precise and resistant to thermal shock and expansion.

      Doceram’s high-performance ceramics provide dependable results for precise and repeatable electronics production. Our components wear at a fraction of the rate of other materials, with the working characteristics for long-lasting performance.

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