Kyokutoh Tip Dresser Chip Vacuum

Keep the weld cell clean and recover scrap copper with Kyokutoh’s Chip Vacuum, designed for use with the Kyokutoh CDK-R dresser. No catch tray or end-of-shift sweeping necessary.

NOTE: G.E. Schmidt is a recognized distributor of top-quality Kyokutoh products, and provides only genuine Kyokutoh tip dress systems. Beware of recent imitation devices and components. G.E. Schmidt cannot provide service and engineering support for imitation devices.

Loose copper chips and shavings can create a hazardous environment for operators, delicate machinery and electronic equipment. Floor messes also create more work for operators and maintenance personnel, possibly adding to production downtime.

A brush skirt covers the dresser action on the chip vacuum, preventing snags and stress on the collector unit as the dresser and welder come into position.

The chip vac uses a sturdy mounting plate and retractable spring plungers for an easy two-pin connect and disconnect, allowing easy access to the cutters and holders. The head unit has hose ports on either side to easily switch the chip output. The chip vac can be used with or without a built-in airblow — External air-blow units are not necessary.

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