Doceram Modulmaster


Doceram’s Modulmaster is a customizable nut and stud welding platform, with the versatility and power to meet the challenges of any application you bring. With modular components, including the pin and cap, sensor, and mounting base, installation and retooling are simple.

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Doceram Modulmaster Weld Head for Nut and Bolt Welding
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    Doceram Modulmaster Weld Head for Nut and Bolt Welding
    • Compatible with the NVS

      Bring the Modulmaster real power with the ProLine™ Nut Verification System meter, the most precise and user-friendly nut welding sensor in the industry. Save profiles, record weld data, and find bad welds as they happen (and not hundreds of pieces later, or when the parts reach the customer). Click here to read more about the ProLine NVS.

    • Modular Pins + Weld Faces

      The ceramic pin and modular weld face are secured by a knurled steel ring with wrench insets (wrench included). The industrial ceramic pins (and stud-welding sleeves) provide up to 40x the life of a standard coated pin, or even longer in some applications. There’s no coating to wear off, and weld spatter wipes off the non-stick surface. The weld faces are easy to swap, available in multiple materials, and require less machining and material than standard nut-welding electrodes.

    • Download the CAD Model Today

      You can configure and download a native CAD model — over 100 file types available — of a specific Modulmaster unit to include in your build today, without having to trade emails. Follow the link to Doceram’s Modulmaster page on Cadenas Part Community to get started.

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