Manual Tip Dresser

Manual Electrode Tip Dresser for Spot Welding

Electrode maintenance is critical to weld quality. Specify an electrode shape — and help it stay that way — to maintain the consistency of each weld. Even with proper weld parameters and water cooling, copper electrodes wear. Kyokutoh’s “Stingray” Electrode Tip Dresser (New ETD) can help you achieve better, more consistent welds, without a tiring and labor-intensive routine.

Proper tip dressing can solve a number of weld quality issues, including undersized or stuck welds, non-round welds, poor class-A appearance and excessive indentation (information via the WeldHelp Troubleshooting Guide).

Cutting and reshaping with the easy and fast pneumatic tip dresser is as simple as sharpening a pencil. Kyokutoh’s manual dresser shapes upper and lower caps simultaneously, saving time and ensuring electrode face alignment (See video below).

Unlike competitive units, the Stingray manual dresser features a large horizontal grip that easily fits hands wearing protective gloves while giving the operator stability, control and leverage while dressing.

Kyokutoh’s manual tip dresser uses the same cutters and holders as the CDK-R Robotic Tip Dresser.

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