ProLine Pedestal Spot and Projection Welders

Using the latest quality control and safety technology, G.E. Schmidt provides the best-value pedestal resistance welder in the market for both projection welding and spot welding applications. We offer standalone welders, or we can integrate them with nut feeders, quality sensing systems, custom tooling and safety devices for delivery as plug-and-play devices with the best lead times in the industry.

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  • ProLine Size 1 Welder

    A standard, versatile welding platform capable of handling up to 10-gauge material in spot welds, or M4-M10 weld nuts and studs in projection welding applications. Sturdy steel construction ensures years of effective welding. The ProLine Size 1 comes with both horns and platens to suit a wide number of applications. The workhorse of the welder selection.

  • ProLine Size 2 Welder

    Large, heavy-duty frame with up to a 300 KVA transformer and a 36-inch throat for demanding applications. The larger frame also allows for higher-force cylinders.

  • ProLine Dual-Head Welder

    This two-headed monster is built for small job shops and automated weld cells. In a small shop, two separate setups — tooling, weld schedules, even projection and spot welding — can be accomplished on one capable machine without requiring constant changeover. In both small shops and large factories, the dual-head welder increases floor-space efficiency.

  • Our newest frame, with even more possibilities. Use this as a compact, yet powerful, C-frame welding platform, on its pedestal or mounted to a benchtop. Or, turn it upside down (that’s right) — In robotic projection welding applications, the Adaptive Series welder can save up to one second per weld by allowing part movement and nut feeding to occur simultaneously, rather than sequentially. See our page on the Adaptive Series for more.

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