Swing Arm

The ProLine Tip Dress Swing Arm gives integrators a durable, purpose-built tool that saves engineering time and reduces tool variation on the production floor. With a prefabricated tip dresser swing arm, integrators can add a consistent and customizable tool to the floor layout and reduce the amount of spare parts needed.

The versatile pneumatic swing-arm assembly may be mounted on a floor stand or to the side of the welder frame to fit a variety of weld cell layouts. Jacking bolts allow in-place fine tuning on three axes to ensure proper tip dresser alignment.

And G.E. Schmidt has introduced a ProLine Servo Swing Arm unit, that combines the stability and adjustability of the pneumatic units with the benefit of even faster tip dress cycle times.

The swing arm — Also known as a swing-in unit, dump unit or pivot — can be customized with shop-standard pneumatic cylinders, proximity sensors and custom mounts for a variety of tip dresser manufacturers.

  • Adaptable for any manufacturer

    The standard Swing Arm is ready to use with Kyokutoh dressers (sold separately), but the ProLine Tip Dress Swing Arm may be adapted to work with tip dressers from other manufacturers. Contact us for more information.

  • Cylinder and Servo Options

    The ProLine Pneumatic Swing Arm comes with Parker ISO cylinder standard, with SMC and Festo cylinders also available to meet plant specifications; safety rod locks are also available from each  pneumatic cylinder manufacturer.

    The ProLine Servo Swing Arm is also available in a servo drive for added efficiency, faster tip dress cycles and a reduced footprint.

  • Built To Last

    The powder-coated steel tube and zinc-plated dresser mount resist corrosion, with industry-standard ACE Shock Absorbers to extend the life of the cylinder on pneumatic units. Servo swing arm units feature the same powder coating and zinc plating, and are compatible with long-life gearboxes and servomotors.

  • Rugged Construction

    The substantial, rigid design helps ensure accurate, repeatable tip dresser placement without excessive vibration at the end of the stroke or bending due to tip dresser weight.

  • Saves Engineering Time and Money

    With the ProLine Swing Arm family, designers do not need to source individual components, spend time on assembly or fine-tune CAD models. With several standard designs (floor mount and side mount pneumatic units, with 10-, 20- and 30-inch body tubes, and one universal Servo Swing Arm system) and durable construction, fewer pieces are needed to fully support multiple systems with spare parts.

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