Industrial Process Chillers and Coolers

Protect your welding equipment and extend the lives of welding tips and electrodes by keeping them at a constant temperature. Eliminate sticking and increase weld consistency with closed-loop chilling and cooling systems from MTA, available in simple systems for single-machine applications or larger systems, up to plant-wide installations.

Unlike simple water recirculators, chillers actively cool — They utilize a refrigerant to maintain temperatures in industrial processes. Chillers are better than coolers for many resistance welding applications (such as aluminum welding) and other industrial processes, from welding and metalforming to food production. In resistance welding systems, temperature maintenance can extend the life of your consumables and result in more consistent welds.

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MTA chillers feature the latest advancements in the market, featuring the most efficient designs and materials for maximum performance in a self-contained package:

  • High Efficiency Coil Evaporator

    Saves cooling energy costs throughout the life of the chiller. Uses copper tubes and aluminum fins inside tank to reduce ambient heat gain; process fluid flows in contact with finned surface, cooled by refrigerant.

  • Smart Setpoint Capability

    Instead of setting a static temperature, ensure your chiller does not cool components below the ambient temperature (and dew point) with Smart/Dynamic Setpoint.

  • Non-Ferrous Water Circuit

    Copper and stainless steel components in the water circuit (water tank, pump, exchanger) resist corrosion. Run mixtures with or without glycol or other corrosion inhibitors.

  • Hermetic Scroll Compressors

    Orbiting scrolls, mounted on anti-vibration dampers with protection against overheating, excessive currents and high exhaust temperatures.

  • R410-A Refrigerant

    High-efficiency, bromine- and chlorine-free; zero ozone depletion potential.

  • Top Exhaust; Close Side Clearance

    Since MTA’s TAEevoTECH chillers exhaust from the top of the unit, one long side can be placed against a wall or other equipment. Competitive units generally need significant clearance on all sides of the chiller.

Select Chiller Options and Accessories

Remote Control Panel Dixell VICX 620 remote panel allows for full-function access in outdoor applications or centralized control/monitoring setups

Closed/Pressurized Auto-Fill Tank Automatic filling feature maintains fluid levels and allows for pressurized systems

Open/Atmospheric Expansion Tank A top-open tank that allows for easy manual refilling

Other options are also available for a variety of applications, including precise temperature control (for scientific applications) and pump pressure upgrades. Please see the Industrial Chiller Selection Guide for more information.

Issues caused by insufficient cooling (From the WeldHelp Resistance Welding Troubleshooting Guide):

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