SEKI Nut and Bolt Feeders

SEKI Overview

For Resistance and Clinch Welding Systems

The SEKI Feeder family provides a variety of solutions for feeding nuts and studs for projection welding applications. The SEKI Air Rod Feeder (ARF) places nuts on the lower location pin, the patented Feedermate (FM) places nuts on the upper magnetic pin, and the Bolt Feeder (BF) aligns and sets studs in the proper position.

(Dropbox video links available upon request.)

The common component between the three systems is SEKI’s Selector Unit, which uses strong magnets and a fine-tolerance selector gate — without constant vibration — to send aligned nuts and bolts to the feed head.

The high-capacity hopper, able to hold 6,000 M6 square nuts is easy to access and requires no “tuning” after the selector gate is set. The selector unit, driven by a gear-drive motor, has a compact footprint of 10″x19″x42″ (WxDxH).

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