SEKI Feedermate Nut Feeder

SEKI Overview

For Special Applications

The SEKI Feedermate is unlike any other weld nut feeder on the market. The Feedermate’s unique operation allows it to feed faster and in applications where other nut welders don’t work.

(Dropbox video links available upon request.)

The Feedermate can reduce cycle time in regular projection welding applications. It feeds to a magnetic pin in the upper electrode, allowing the feed and stamping positioning to occur simultaneously. The Feedermate may reduce time by as much as 1 second per cycle.

The Feedermate is also useful for special applications, such as projection welds into deep channels. It can also be used upside-down for stampings that are too large to flip during a part welding cycle.

The Feedermate uses the patented SEKI Selector Unit to feed nuts without vibration or the need for constant calibration.

Versatility — Feedermate has an operational range of 0–180°, and can work vertically, horizontally, or even function upside down

Improves System Efficiency — May reduce cycle time (vs. Air Rod Feeder and equivalent) by 0.5–1.0 second per weld, depending on nut size and stroke length

Works Where Normal Rod Feeders Can’t — Perfect for feeding nuts into channels and other places an air rod feeder can’t reach

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