Tip Dressing Cutters & Holders

Kyokutoh’s cutting blades are made of durable titanium nitride (TiN), which maintains a sharp edge for fast and reliable tip dressing.

KTWH-L — Kyokutoh’s latest model of holder for the CDK-R, with a chip relief 1.5 times the size of the KTWH to reduce clogging. The KTWH-L uses the same cutters as the KTWH
KTWH — Kyokutoh’s H-style holder for the CDK-R
KTWH-O — For Kyokutoh’s existing installed base of CDDF tip dressers
S-KTWH — For the short-gear SG CDKR-480 tip dresser

Kyokutoh provides cutters and holders for many popular makes and models of tip dressers, which helps reduce plant-wide equipment variation.

On average, the life of a cutter blade is approximately 10,000 seconds of dressing time in a practical welding scenario; holders last approximately 20,000 seconds of dressing time. The chart below was created with tips unused in a welding scenario.

Longevity Graph
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