Tip Dressing

Tip Dressing Tools for Spot Welding

Proper tip dressing helps maintain weld consistency and quality in spot welding applications while also saving time and money. Robotic tip dressers with dual-sided sharpeners/shapers for resistance welding electrodes — are generally mounted on stationary stands for robotic weld gun arms and on retractable swing arms for pedestal welding units. Repeated exposure to high temperature and pressure alters copper electrode tip geometry over a number of welds. Tip dressing resets the electrode shape to help your company meet the precise specifications of your customers.

G.E. Schmidt distributes Kyokutoh robotic and manual tip dress units, cutters/holders and tip dress stands. The ProLine Tip Dress Swing Arm is G.E. Schmidt’s proprietary solution to reduce tool variance on the production floor, while maintaining the versatility of bespoke tooling.

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