Tip Changers

The Kyokutoh Automatic KIKK Tip Changer is the safe and efficient alternative to manual spot welding cap changes. Instead of an estimated 5–10 minute manual cap exchange cycle, a complete gun tip exchange takes as little as 25 seconds, including automated removal and placement verification. (See the efficiency analysis of a real customer implementation, and the additional benefits below.)

Each electrode magazine holds 12 caps in 13, 16 and 19 mm diameters, with an easy no-tool locking system. Spare magazine cartridges are also available to minimize change cycle time.

Tip Changer
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  • Cost Savings and Labor Efficiency

    Operators fill and replace magazines, but are no longer needed for every individual tip exchange. Magazine replacements take seconds with an easy toolless locking system.

  • More Parts Per Shift

    Kyokutoh tip changers require significantly less down time than manual cap changes. Instead of 5-10 minutes, the KIKK changes caps in as little as 25 seconds. The KIKK pays for itself by allowing increased throughput and productivity. (See the KIKK Tip Changer Efficiency Effects presentation for an example of downtime reduction and increased operational efficiency.)

  • Safety Hazard Mitigation

    Robotic tip changers keep operators out of the weld cell; they also lower the safety concerns with workers reaching in and around sharp and heavy objects.

  • Increase Weld Gun Arm Life

    Operators aren’t using sharp tools and wrenching on the gun arm to remove caps. Kyokutoh tip changers don’t “pull” on weld gun arms to remove the tip, or require the welder to rotate to remove the cap, like competitors’ units. A pneumatic clamp grips and twists the cap until it separates (see video; Dropbox video links available upon request).

  • Maximize Cap Life

    Robotic tip changes aren’t subject to an operator’s schedule. The KIKK allows weld caps to be changed when needed — not too soon or too late — maximizing usage without sacrificing quality at the end of a cap’s life.

  • Mountable on End Effectors

    The KIKK can be easily mounted to an end effector (see second video above), unlike competitive tip changers, allowing the unit to service pedestal welders and stationary weld gun placements.

  • Dual-Head Dresser & Changer

    Kyokutoh’s DH-SVR (below) is a dual-head servo-driven tip changer and dresser in a single unit. The DH-SV maintains Kyokutoh’s no-tool locking system for fast magazine changes.

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