Ceramic and Ceramic-Coated Pins for Resistance Welding

G.E. Schmidt leads the resistance welding industry in weld pin technology with the ceramic-coated Best Pin™ and apure-ceramic line of weld and locating pins crafted by Doceram. We stock hundreds of standard pin sizes and configurations to serve our customers quickly, with next-day service on many orders. We can also source or manufacture pins in custom sizes and materials (including KCF) for unique applications.

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Best Pin™ Ceramic Coated Weld Pins

Our Best Pin™ is the finest ceramic-coated weld pin on the market. The insulative ceramic coating has a true metallurgical bond with the steel core — It won’t chip or flake like sprayed or dipped ceramic coated pins.

It has significant advantages over anodized stainless steel:

  • The Best Pin™ outlasts comparable anodized stainless steel and KCF counterparts
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance vs. regular hardened metal pins
  • Unlike anodized steel, the best pin does not require heat treatment before use

The Best Pin™ has advantages over full-ceramic pins as well:

  • A fraction of the cost of full ceramic
  • G.E. Schmidt keeps common sizes in stock for same-day shipping
  • The Best Pin™ is shatterproof, helping operators avoid expensive mistakes
  • The Best Pin™ can be produced in small custom batches for reasonable per-unit prices. Submit your drawings and specifications and we can manufacture the pin for your project

FREE SAMPLES: Interested customers can request samples of the Best Pin™ ceramic-coated weld pins by using the Weld Pin Sample Request Form (above). Please fill out the form and email or fax it to G.E. Schmidt. M6, M8 and M10 pins are available as samples, with other sizes and specifications possible upon request.

Purchase the M06, M08 and M10 Best Pins in sets of 10 here on geschmidt.com.

Use the form at right to inquire about custom sizes, designs and for additional ordering options.


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Refer to the Locating Pin Selection Guide (below) for more information on specification definitions.

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Doceram Welding and Locating Pins (pure ceramic)

G.E. Schmidt carries Doceram’s full line of superior-quality ceramic welding pins, including Doceram’s Cerazur (zirconium oxide, in blue) and Volcera (silicon nitride, medium gray).

Doceram specializes in low-tolerance ceramic welding products, including locating pins, centering pins and MIG welding nozzles.

  • Full-ceramic pins have much lower thermal conductivity than hard-metal pins
  • Superior abrasion resistance compared to hard metal pins, with higher tensile strength and higher max operating temperatures
  • Treated properly, full-ceramic pins last much longer than other pin materials

(Cushway-Schmidt distributes Doceram in Belgium only.)

Ceramics In Resistance Welding