Best Pin Ceramic Coated Weld and Location Pins for Nut Welding and Material Handling

Ceramic-Coated Weld Pins and Components

Best Pin™ Ceramic Coated Weld Pins

Our Best Pin™ is the finest ceramic-coated weld pin on the market. The insulative ceramic coating has a true metallurgical bond with the steel core — It won’t chip or flake like sprayed or dipped ceramic coated pins.

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  • Long Life

    The Best Pin™ outlasts comparable anodized stainless steel and KCF counterparts.

  • Wear Resistant

    The Best Pin material features exceptional abrasion resistance vs. regular hardened steel pins.

  • Ready To Use

    Unlike anodized steel pins, the Best Pin™ does not require heat treatment before use. It arrives ready-to-use.

  • Cost Effective

    The Best Pin™ is a low-cost alternative to full ceramic pins and locators. It’s also more cost effective than coated or KCF pins, which have shorter operational lives. Best Pin™ components are affordable even in custom, low-quantity orders.

  • Common Sizes Stocked

    Common sizes and configurations of the Best Pin™ are kept in stock for immediate shipment.

  • Samples Available

    Use the Sample Form at right to request a several-piece free sample of our Best Pin products. Fill out the form and send it to us at

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