SEKI Bolt Feeder

SEKI Overview

For Resistance Welding and Clinch Welding

The SEKI Bolt Feeder uses unique dual-action jaws to place the stud on a guide pin, ensuring accuracy and consistency in projection welding systems. Bolt pre-alignment reduces lower electrode and guide pin wear.

The Bolt Feeder is compatible with G.E. Schmidt’s ProLine Stud Verification System, a variant of the Nut Verification System that monitors stud presence, length and orientation.

(Dropbox video links available upon request.)

The Bolt Feeder’s lower holder accepts guide pins that extend 50 mm above the lower electrode.

Like the SEKI nut feeders, the Bolt Feeder uses the SEKI Selector Unit, a non-vibratory hopper that uses rotating magnets and a selector gate to align and feed bolts into a feeder tube. The SEKI Selector Unit has a smaller footprint than vibratory bowls and does not require constant tuning.

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