Issue: Mislocated/Edge Welds

A weld that is incorrectly positioned compared to current workpiece design. Edge welds are those welds that touch or extend beyond the edge of the workpiece.


Refer to company standards for acceptability of edge welds.


Preweld observation of tips on parts. Postweld visual inspection of parts to identify welds that are mislocated or extend beyond the edge of the workpiece.


Quality, Workplace Issues, Cost, Downtime, Maintenance, Throughput (cycle time; PPH) are all potentially affected by this condition. Special considerations are noted below:

Quality: Subsequent fitting or and operation of rubber seals may be impaired by edgewelds. Mislocated welds may affect NVH, sealing etc.

Possible Causes

Strong Possibilities

Weak Possibilities

Note: Edge welds can cause high levels of expulsion.

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