Issue: Missing Weld

A weld is missing when there is no fusion of parent metal or coatings at the intended weld location.


Missing welds can occur either because:

  • The welding equipment never contacted the workpiece at the intended weld location.
  • Inadequate heat was developed at the intended location.


Reference should be made to the appropriate manufacturer’s specifications to determine required locations for spot welds. Workpiece inspection may then determine whether visible welds are properly located or missing. Where welds are not visible (e.g., no indention or heat discoloration due to Class-A surface requirements), nondestructive or destructive test methods are required.

Significance & Potential Effects

  • Quality Issues
  • Workplace Issues
  • Cost
  • Production Downtime
  • Maintenance
  • Throughput (cycle time; PPH).

Possible Causes

Strong Possibilities

Weak Possibilities

Other Possibilities

  • Inadequate training
  • Improper revision level documentation on plant floor

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