Cause: Electrode or Cap Wear

Electrode wear is a deformation of the tip face over time due to the resistance welding process.

Examples of Wear: “Mushrooming” or “pitting.”


The electrode heating and force during the resistance welding process cause the surface area of the tip face to deform over time. The surface area increase causes the current density (amps/unit area) to decrease, potentially reducing the weld size. (The current density can be increased by using a current stepper.)

Electrode wear can also occur by the pitting of the tip face. In severe cases, localized current flow may result, potentially causing nonround welds. In either case tip dressing may address the effects of electrode wear.



Quality, Workplace Issues, Cost, Downtime, Maintenance, Throughput (cycle time; PPH), are all potentially affected by this condition. Special considerations are noted below:

Quality: Electrode wear is the primary cause of weld degradation.

Subordinate Causes

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