Kyokutoh CDK-R Tip Dresser

Kyokutoh Spot Welding Tip Dressers (Electrode Dressers)

Kyokutoh automatic electrode tip dressers utilize high-speed, high-torque motors to dress copper welding electrodes, promoting weld quality and consistency in spot welding applications. (Pictured above: Kyokutoh CDK-R with chip vacuum, rotation sensor, mounted to a dresser stand)

The upper and lower electrode caps for robotic systems are dressed at the same time, ensuring tip alignment and extending the consumable’s life span.

Spring balancers on the back of the dress unit reduce stress on the tip dressing unit from unbalanced weld gun loads.

Kyokutoh Tip Dressers are available in a variety of specifications and styles:

  • Servo-driven Tip Dressing Units — The CDK-SVR allows maximum control of rotation speed and torque
  • Pneumatic Tip Dressing Units — Lightweight and portable, the CDP can be easily mounted to an end effector
  • Short-Clearance Tip Dressing Units — A smaller “nose” in front of the cutter and holder allows the CDK-SG dress in tight spaces
  • Dual-Head Tip Dresser/Changer Combination Unit — Save space with the dual-head servo-drive DH-SVR (pictured at bottom)
  • Hand-Held Pneumatic Tip Dresser – Click here for more.

Kyokutoh dressers adhere to CCC and CE international safety standards.

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Tip Dresser Accessories

Kyokutoh Cutters and Holders — Durable titanium nitride (TiN) coated blades provide hours of accurate and consistent tip restoration. Cutter life is approximately 10,000 seconds of dressing time. Kyokutoh holders feature large cut-outs to avoid clogging.

Chip Vacuum Collector — The Chip Vac keeps the cutting blade clean and the shop floor clear. A quick two-pin hood release lets operators access the cutter and holder quickly. With the Kyokutoh chip vacuum collector, a stand-alone air blow unit is not required. Side-approach versions are also available.

Rotation Sensor — The rotation sensor prox ensures the cutter is spinning, alerting operators to dressing issues before damaged or undressed caps have an opportunity to cause production and quality issues.

Stationary Dresser Stand — The tip dresser stand, available in several heights and orientations, is a simple and sturdy tip dressing platform for robotic spot welding applications. When ordered as a package, the stand, dresser and all peripherals arrive assembled in a plug-and-play unit. See the tip dresser stand order form for more options.

ProLine Tip Dress Swing Arm — The ProLine Swing Arm is a sturdy, purpose-built tool that saves engineering time and reduces variation on the shop floor. The swing arm, available in side- and floor-mount variations, has coarse and fine head adjustments for accurate and precise strokes. Click here for more on the ProLine Swing Arm

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