STC Straight Magazine for the KIKK Tip Changer

Click here to download the STC Straight Magazine presentation

Kyokutoh and G.E. Schmidt are happy to announce the new STC straight magazine for the KIKK Tip Changer and the DHSVR-2 Dual-Head Tip Changer/Tip Dresser. The new magazine format provides significant benefits compared to the older MG-style rotary magazines (see below).

The straight STC magazines are available for order immediately — Please see the contact form at right for complete 3D models. All orders for new projects will include the new STC magazine style.

STC Straight Magazines for KIKK Tip Changer
  • Simplified Robot Teaching

    Instead of using compound angles to ensure the gun arm/cap remain perpendicular to the magazine as the new cap retracts, the gun opens slightly and simply “pulls back” from the changer with the cap. See the video above or download the presentation at left for an illustration. This can help save time during the teach process, and even time for each tip change (particularly with X guns).

  • Smaller Profile

    The KIKK Tip Changer with STC magazines has a 39% smaller face profile than it does when using rotary magazines.

  • Poka-yoke System for Cap Sizes

    The location of the rail guides on each magazine is different for various cap diameters, preventing accidental mix-ups. See the STC Introduction Presentation for more.

  • Reduces Weight of Tip Changer

    New and retrofit units with the STC magazines weigh approximately 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) less than units with MG magazines.

  • Reduced Cost

    Each STC straight magazine costs approximately 15% less than the MG rotary mags — The retrofit kit, including STC magazines, plus adapters and cables, is the same price as a set of MG magazines alone.

Please use the form below to request 3D models of the KIKK Tip Changer with new STC magazines. If you do not wish to use the form, please email your request to [email protected] or call us at (513) 489-5130.

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